Tiahna and Trevor – October 3rd, 2016


This past weekend Tiahna and Trevor said “I do” here at the Boulder Country Club.  They were so amazing to work with and get to know this past year.  The entire wedding group was a blast to work with and never let there be a dull moment!

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Instead of doing the normal sit down plated dinner, they choose to do a cocktail reception and have different food stations including a carving station, pasta action station and a salad bar.  And later in the night they had a sundae bar open up followed by late night apps for their guest to snack on.  It was such a fun and simple way for them to have a fun stress free wedding reception.


Tiahna’s sister Arielle made the cake which was absolutely stunning! She also baked all the wedding favors which were cookies each individually wrapped.  It was such a nice touch to have something so personal for them to share with their wedding guest.


(Mother/Son Dance)

This was such an amazing group to work with and wish them the best of luck!


Congratulations Tiahna and Trevor!

A special thanks to Eight Weddings Photography for sharing these photos on Facebook!!

All The Bridesmaid Questions Your Too Scared to Ask


Choosing who is going to be in your wedding can be difficult and sometimes a sensitive topic.  Here are answers to some of your bridesmaid questions you’ve been too scared to ask anyone else.

  • How do I pick whose going to be in my wedding?
    • Pick people who have played an important role in your life, don’t just pick people to have a large wedding party.  You want this group to be special since they are a part of your big day.
  • Can I demote a bridesmaid?
    • Hopefully this is never an issue, but sometimes things don’t work out.  Before you choose to demote someone make sure that you are not the problem and asking too much of them.  Try to work through any issues before taking someone who has been a big part of your life out of your big day.
  • What if I have more bridesmaids than my fiance has groomsmen?
    • Your wedding party is full of people closest to you, it shouldn’t matter if there are more people on one side or the other.  Don’t feel the need to add someone random to even sides out.
  • Should I pick a cheaper dress for my bridesmaids?
    • Absolutely not, this is your big day and if you want your bridesmaids in a specific dress they should understand that and be willing to spend the money on it.  Just don’t go overboard with what you want them to purchase.  Remember being in a wedding is expensive too.
  • I was in a friends wedding years ago and we aren’t close anymore, do I ask her to be in my wedding?
    • No, pick who is close to you at the time.  People understand that friendships grow apart.

Tips on Picking Out Your Wedding Venue From a Planner

Josendale_Welander_RyanDearthPhotography_078BoulderCountryClubDearth_0_lowPicking out your venue can be one of the hardest things to do and the first stressful decision you and your fiance are going to make together after saying yes to his proposal.  Opinions will vary on what is right for the two of you, but trust me you will find the perfect venue for you to say “I do” and to celebrate with your closest family and friends.  Here are some tips to help you get through all those site tours you have lined up.

  • How many hours are included in the rental?

Make sure to know what you are going to be paying for, does the “5 hour room rental” block include set up and tear down? If set up and tear down is not included in this time, how much time do you have to set up and does a planner at the venue do it for you or do you have to do it yourself? Does it include the ceremony? Can you add on extra time to the room block?  Make sure to know all the details on the time because this can make or break your ceremony and reception.

  • When can you bring in decor and rental items?

Some venues only let you bring in decor the day of and some let you bring it in the day before. Make sure you know when you can bring in these items, especially if you have a lot of decor/rental items. If you store your items there is there an extra cost and when do you have to pick them up? Also, finding out where to load in and out with these items is essential to making your day a little easier.

  • What items do you have to rent in?

Does the venue provide tables, chairs, linens, table settings, glassware, etc.? What vendors do you have to bring in?  Some venues provide catering and set up and some do not, make sure you know what you are getting into before you book.  The price may look low, but once you start adding in vendors and rentals the price can go up drastically.  

  • What vendors can you can bring in and do you have to use theirs?

Ask if you can bring in your own vendors, some venues require you use their preferred vendors and some venues let you bring in anyone.  This includes asking about DJ, bands, catering, staffing, photographer, officiant and dessert.

  • Where are the restrooms?

Make sure to know where all the restrooms are for your guest and if they are easily accessible. This may not seem like a big deal, but it might be to your guests.

  • Do you have to provide your own alcohol or does it come from the venue?

This can be one of the biggest expenses of your wedding, be sure to plan it right.  Does the venue provide the alcohol or does it come through you?  This is important for both you and your venue, you don’t want to jeopardize a venues liquor license. 

  • Does the venue do more than one event per day?

This is a very important question to ask and I always find that it can be the selling point for most venues.  Some venues will host multiple weddings per day and depending on the space you might see another bride on your big day.  Ask about times that other events may be going on.  You don’t want to share your big day.

  • Ask about lighting and electricity that the venue can provide.

Some venues have really good or poor lighting, ask to see the different lighting and options while on your site tour.  Also, make sure that they can provide electricity to your vendors and that there will be enough outlets so there are no problems.

  • Make sure to know their payment options and cancellation policy.

You never know what might happen, make sure you know everything in case of an emergency.  Also, make sure to know how they accept payments; whether it is all at once, before the event or in payments.  You want to make your day as least stressful as possible.

Remember you can never ask enough questions at a site tour and make sure you know all the details before signing a contract.

What to Wear to a Wedding

Are you invited to a wedding and unsure of what to wear?  We are here to help you pick out the perfect outfit.


Remember, the most important rule is to not wear something that will distract or draw attention to you instead of the bride. Rule number two: never wear white to a wedding or to pre-wedding events, unless otherwise noted in the invitation.  This is one of the biggest no-no’s and best way to not upset a bride on her wedding day.  Rule three: it is always better to be over dressed for a wedding than under dressed.  If you are unsure of the wedding attire dress code always over dress.  Rule Four: wearing black to a wedding is more and more acceptable, so it is okay to rock that little black dress. The final rule: be respectful of your surroundings.  If the wedding is at a church make sure to bring a light sweater and cover up.  Make sure you are not offending anyone by showing too much leg or cleavage.


If you are attending a summer wedding, dress for hot weather.  Especially if it is an outdoor ceremony or reception.  Make sure to buy a dress with a breathable fabric.  You can always dress up a fun bright sun dress with some cute heels or wedges.  Guys can wear a lighter colored suit with no jacket to stay cool during those hot summer days.


As we all have come to learn the weather in the fall is unpredictable and it can either be extremely hot or freezing cold.  The biggest advice we can give for a fall wedding is to dress in layers.  You can always take off a sweater or jacket if it is too hot out.  Dark and muted tone colors are appropriate to wear and you can always add a pop of color with jewelry.  Tights are another way to stay warm in-case that winter weather comes early in the fall.


Weddings in the winter are a fun excuse to wear that fun festive dress you’ve been dying to wear.  Since it is holiday season it is acceptable to wear that blingy dress that you wore to a holiday party or on New Years Eve.  Make sure the fabric on the dress is thicker to stay warm and to wear tights with closed toed pumps.  Men can always wear a dark colored suit to a winter wedding with a dark colored tie.


Spring weddings are tricky with all the changes in weather, keep in mind when picking out this outfit that the rain can swoop in and get your dress wet and your heels may sink in the grass.  This is a perfect time to wear those pastel colors and wedges over pumps so you don’t sink too quickly into the grass.  Lighter suits are perfect for the guys at a spring wedding, especially light gray and brown.

Rebeka and Karlis – August 1st, 2015

From the moment we met Rebeka and Karlis we knew they were an amazing couple. When they first came to look at the Boulder Country Club, it was through facetime on Rebeka’s mothers IPad since they live in New York.  They choose to book their wedding with us and we got to know them throughout the rest of the planning process. They were such a fun and loving couple to work with.  They did both their ceremony and reception here and each was decorated with blues and purples.

The ceremony was white chairs with purple sashes lining the aisle along with light blue flower petals one either side of the aisle. They then had a cocktail table up front with a bottle of wine in a wooden box.  During the ceremony they each nailed the box shut and will open it on their one year anniversary or first big fight, which ever comes first.  We loved the wine idea! They had purchased this bottle of wine when he had proposed to her and saved it for their wedding date to box it shut.

After the ceremony, they went straight into the reception that was decorated with ivory chair covers and linens, dark purple sashes and blue lanterns with light blue petals scattered in the the center of the table. It was such an elegant look inside the Boulder Country Club.  Once dinner was over, they did their first dance which they had been practicing inside their New York apartment.  It was so much fun to see them come together and do such a fun first dance together.

We were so lucky to have to opportunity to meet this amazing couple and wish them nothing but the best!

Kat and Nick’s Wedding Ceremony and Reception

On June 27th Kat and Nick said their wedding vows here a the Boulder Country Club.  We had the honor of meeting Kat and Nick in July 2014 and that is when the planning began with this amazing couple.  We had the wonderful help of her mother who had a beautiful vision and made it happen.  It was so wonderful to work with this couple and their families to plan such a special event.

Their ceremony was filled with greenery and large silver flower vases filled with coral, purples and pinks.  Each row was beautifully decorated with greenery leading up to the arch made out of trees and decorated with flowers and gold fabric. We loved the sign they made with the processional order on it.  It was so simple and elegant for people to quickly see who was in the wedding. It was such a beautiful ceremony with a stunning bride.

View More: http://dawnsparks.pass.us/kat-and-nick-weddingView More: http://dawnsparks.pass.us/kat-and-nick-weddingView More: http://dawnsparks.pass.us/kat-and-nick-weddingView More: http://dawnsparks.pass.us/kat-and-nick-weddingView More: http://dawnsparks.pass.us/kat-and-nick-wedding

After they said “I do” the celebration inside began.  They decorated with lots of flowers, greenery, silvers and golds.  They had lighting and fabric draped from the walls to the ceiling with greenery weaved into the chandelier creating an elegant look inside the Boulder Country Club.  Each centerpiece matched the ceremony flowers and alternated in height giving the room more depth.  We also loved their place card table with a huge vase with large tree branches inside with matching flowers to the reception and the table filled with candles that brightened up the table.  Everything came together beautifully for the reception.

View More: http://dawnsparks.pass.us/kat-and-nick-wedding

View More: http://dawnsparks.pass.us/kat-and-nick-wedding View More: http://dawnsparks.pass.us/kat-and-nick-wedding View More: http://dawnsparks.pass.us/kat-and-nick-wedding View More: http://dawnsparks.pass.us/kat-and-nick-wedding

We wish Kat and Nick nothing but the best and were so lucky to have had the chance to work with them and all the other amazing vendors: Calluna Events, LMD Productions, The Perfect Petal and Dawn Sparks Photography.  Also, another special thanks to Dawn Sparks Photography for sharing the photos from Kat and Nick’s wedding!