How to Avoid Becoming “Bridezilla”


There is no denying that planning a wedding is stressful. However, no amount of stress should add up to becoming the dreaded “bridezilla” figure. After planning wedding after wedding, there are certain tips we like to share with our Boulder Country Club brides, and now you, on how to reduce your stress level and not fall victim to wedding planning pressures.

First, avoid solely talking about your wedding with friends. Keep in mind that your wedding isn’t the only thing happening in the world. If the subject comes up, stick to one or two sentences rather than babbling on for 20 minutes. Your friends will appreciate that you still have an interest in their lives, resulting in friendship post wedding.

Secondly, so often we see brides that get so caught up in the planning details that they forget the reason they are even going through with all this, their fiancée. This sets a bad precedent for marriage. While your wedding is one (very important) day, your fiancée is forever. You must make time everyday for one another, no matter how busy you might be. Trust us, just five minutes of your time after a stress filled day will not be unappreciated.

Third, avoid becoming a diva. While your maid of honor and other bridesmaids are honored to have their roles, don’t make them regret having accepted that position. There’s a fine line between handing out reasonable tasks and asking your friends to do things that make them resent you. We suggest making a list of everything that needs to be done and dividing up tasks based on each person’s strengths. Additionally, make sure to still leave time for non wedding related activities!

Fourth, make a budget and stick to it! It is a salesperson’s job to try and convince you to go with the pricier option. However, make choices that are within your budget and don’t feel shy about using the word “no”. Remember, everything adds up quickly due to large number of items that are needed to put on a wedding.

Fifth, take care of yourself. While crash dieting and working out might be effective, it will alter your personality for the worse. If you plan on loosing weight before the big day, do it over a long period of time, maybe even consulting a nutritionist and trainer along the way. Depriving yourself of calories makes you grouchy, ultimately leading to you snapping about something or at someone for a silly reason.

Sixth, appreciate those around you. Over the engagement period you will likely receive ample advice. Rather than brushing it off, take time to listen to everyone. Your family and friends are likely nothing but excited for you and therefore are doing what they can to help. Thus, never forget that what occurs is done out of love, not people trying to annoy you.

Seventh, on the big day and even just in general, expect the unexpected. Prior to the day of the wedding, go over every detail, making sure you are in touch with all of your vendors. At this point, you have done what you can and the rest will fall into place as it should. You have to adopt the mentality of not stressing the small stuff. On your wedding day, everything is out of your control so rather than obsessing on one thing that went wrong, focus on everything else. This day is all about you and your husband and nothing will change that.

Lastly, don’t compete with other weddings or brides. There’s no sense in breaking your budget just because you want yours to be the best.

While the period of being engaged can be stressful, you have to remember to take time out for yourself. Your whole life shouldn’t change just because you have a wedding to plan. Give yourself ample time to plan and never forget that you put yourself in this situation. You wanted to be here because you want to spend the rest of your life with your soon to be husband.

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Pretty In Pink

On October 12th, Brian and Noelle Larson were officially married. We had a special connection to the couple because Noelle is an employee of the Boulder Country Club as well as Brian’s Father is our General Manager. Thus, the pressure for perfection was especially high.

Noelle and Brian wanted to create an elegant pink, white, and silver ambiance. We worked to avoid what one might find at a Sweet Sixteen rather pursuing the romantic nature that defines a wedding. Quite successfully, I believe, all that attended were wowed by how well the couple were able to pull this typically tricky color off.

Hiler Wedding 10.12.13 003Hiler Wedding 10.12.13 001

The light pink and white gave the dining room a polished feel. Furthermore, the centerpieces and other accents around the room helped to enhance the colors chosen. By incorporating neutral colors like silver and white, the pink touches were complimented rather than appearing overwhelming.

Hiler Wedding 10.12.13 007

Mixing a darker and lighter pink in two rooms provided natural separation between the spaces as well kept the color scheme consistent.

 Hiler Wedding 10.12.13 009

Hiler Wedding 10.12.13 022

Brian and Noelle treated guests to cupcakes and mini key lime pies!

Hiler Wedding 10.12.13 027Hiler Wedding 10.12.13 030

The couple and their guests danced the night away…. Even Noelle’s dress incorporated the same light pink used in the rest of the wedding!

As one of the last weddings of the year, we were happy to see members of the Boulder Country Club family married. Congratulations Brian and Noelle, we are so proud and happy for you two!

Fall Weddings at Boulder Country Club

Boulder Country Club has continued to be hard at work as the fall wedding season has begun.  Over the past few weeks we have had a number of couples tie the knot. Below is a recap of two of our most recent weddings.

Brooke and Johan
This vibrant couple themed their wedding off of Johan’s South African heritage. The flowers, colors, decore, and even Brooke’s dress were all native to South Africa.

The ostrich egg complete with the South African national flower, the King Protea, acted as the centerpiece. The theme of the wedding was further showcased by naming each table after an animal found in the country. Through the flower choice, amarula gift at each guest’s seat, and animal print touches throughout the room, Brooke and Johan captured a South African vibe.
Berlin Wedding 9.21.13 001Berlin Wedding 9.21.13 002

Brooke and Johan served a traditional South African champagne beverage as guests arrived.
Berlin Wedding 9.21.13 007

The intimate ceremony took place outside and included South African touches.
Berlin Wedding 9.21.13 012Berlin Wedding 9.21.13 010

The dessert table offered traditional South African candies and an amarula flavored cake.

Berlin Wedding 9.21.13 005

Over the past few weeks, the state of Colorado has began rebuilding after the devastating effects from the flooding in September.  Fortunately, the Boulder Country Club was lucky enough to not suffer a substantial amount of hardship. As a result, we have been able to continue hosting weddings as well as take in clients that had to relocate due to the flooding of their original venue.

Nicola and John rescheduled their wedding to the Boulder Country Club days before it was to take place.
Cooper Wedding 9.22.13 007

Cooper Wedding 9.22.13 009

Cooper Wedding 9.22.13 004

Cooper Wedding 9.22.13 015

Cooper Wedding 9.22.13 017

Wedding Cake Alternatives

In this day and age, the classic tiered wedding cake is no longer expected at weddings. While there is no denying that wedding cakes are beautiful to look at, couples have opted out of them for the fact that they cost a boat load of money and often go untouched.  Couples are now going for desserts that reflect their tastes and style. These 10 desserts are fun, original, and are sure to please guests as well as your wallet!

1. Candy Buffet
Choose your favorite candies and display them in fun jars. Even better, you can incorporate the various colors from your wedding as well as give guests something to take home with them at the end of the night. This self serve option is sure to please as guests get to pick exactly what they want!
dessert 8

2. Cupcakes
Still stuck on the cake idea? Opting for cupcakes ensures a variety of cake flavors as well as offer an easy, mess free option! Additionally, cupcakes can be tiered to give a wedding cake shape, if you still want to keep that tradition.
dessert 6

3. S’mores Bar
Not just for campfires anymore, these tasty marshmallow melts are fun for guests to make and easy for you to prepare. Give this classic a twist by substitute graham crackers for wafers, using flavored marshmallows (prehaps in your wedding’s color scheme), and adding fun toppings like peanut butter and nutella. Make sure to check with your venue’s fire code before committing yourself to this!!
dessert 9

4. Cheesecake
Cheesecake is a great option for those that still want to have the traditional “cake cutting” during the reception. Bakers are able to arrange cheesecake into a display reflecting the shape of a traditional tiered cake. Additionally, cheesecake can be prepared in a variety of flavors so all guests can find what they like.
dessert 7

5. Build Your Own Crepes
At most venues, kitchens are able to offer “action stations”. At these, chefs prepare food made to order. Thus, at a crepe station, guests get to choose the toppings they like best and watch it made right in front of them. Crepes are a light dessert, perfect for after heavy wedding cosine.
dessert 10

6. Pie Table
Pie is both a traditional American dessert as well as a budget friendly option. Couples can mix family recipes as well as order from local bakeries that specialize in baking pies to have a variety of flavors.
dessert 3

7. Ice Cream Sandwich Bar
On a hot summer day, serving ice cream is the perfect way to refresh guests! Whether you opt for healthy frozen yogurt, ice cream sundaes, or have an “ice cream bartender” there to whip up milk shakes, guests are sure to find something that satisfies them. Guests will love having a variety of flavors and different toppings to customize their creations.
desssert 11

8. Cake Pops
Cake pops are another dessert that helps cut down on mess, they’re on a stick so no need for plates and forks! These bite size desserts allow guests to have either a variety of flavors or just have a bite of sweet!
dessert 5

9. Donuts
Donuts are the new trendy dessert to have at weddings. Whether they are dressed up with fancy dipping sauces or served plain, guests will love seeing a twist on this old classic. Try offering this dessert with a coffee and hot chocolate bar.
dessert 4

10. Chocolate Fountain
Chocolate fountains offer both a do it your self option as well as provide the same tiered shape of a wedding cake. Guests decide from an array of toppings, think fruits and angel food cake bites, and then get to dip these into chocolate.
dessert 2

To Spend or Save?

Every person, at some point, has thought about their wedding. As a result, combining two distinct visions makes for what can be one of the most expensive days of one’s life. However, coming up with a plan, budget, and allowing enough time  for planning, will set you up for success and ultimately your dream wedding.

Determining an amount of money that all are comfortable spending is crucial to keeping your day within your means. Write a budget by ranking different items by order of importance. From there, allocate funds to each category. After this has been agreed upon, the fun of fulfilling each item begins.

Areas to spend time searching for and spending money on
One of the few things you will have after a wedding day are the photos from it. Thus, taking time to find the right photographer, that is within your budget, is worth it. Ask friends, family, and even your venue if there are people they recommend. Ask about packages and other discounts the photographer might offer to get the best rate!

Wedding dress and appearance
A bride deserves to look the best she ever has on her wedding day. Finding the right dress that is within one’s budget takes time. Give yourself enough time so that you are choosing the dress of your dreams rather than settling on mediocrity. Keep in mind that sale or used dresses are great options. Additionally, when deciding on a dress, choose one that has few alterations to keep costs down.

Wedding Officiant
It is worth spending extra time finding a person that shares your same beliefs  and that you are comfortable around. The ceremony truly is the most important part of the day, so take time finding the right person that will provide you with lasting memories.

Where to Save
Guest Count
The most expensive aspect to weddings is food and beverage. Figure out who you truly want to attend, and make selections from there. Reducing the number of guests invited works towards lowering overall costs tremendously.

Ceremony and Reception locations
Arranging so that the ceremony and reception are at the same venue promotes keeping to a timeline and also allows for fewer site fees. For example, at the Boulder Country Club, booking a reception means there is no additional ceremony site fee. Furthermore, transportation costs are reduced by not having to arrange rides for guests.

Typically, venues “peak season” is in effect from May through September. During these dates, minimums must be met. Additionally, Saturday’s are the most common day to be married on and are therefore the most expensive. Consider doing your wedding on a Sunday or not during the “peak season” to avoid having to meet such a high minimum.

Package Deals
Wedding packages provide inclusive deals. These allow the bride and groom to save money by having catering, linens, and other details all included into one cost. They also simplify and reduce stress. Here at the Boulder Country Club, we offer four different packages at different price points. These can be customized so that your vision and budget can be met. Additionally, included in each package is the set up and tear down. Look for locations that include these so that your day is stress and hassle free.

Opt out of the traditional wedding cake for either cup cakes or other desserts. Have your baker make a cake for the cake cutting portion of the reception and serve guests a different sweet treat.

Reuse flowers from the ceremony in the reception. Bouquets, arch pieces, and other decor from the ceremony are great options to use as decoration. Additionally, potted plants are typically less expensive and are a take away for guests at the end of the night. If you choose to go for the typical large floral centerpiece, encourage your florists to use greenery, like babies breath or ivy, to take up space and use less flowers.

If your venue is near a college or university, student bands are often as good as professionals and are a lot less expensive. DJ’s are also a great option as they can play such a wide variety of songs. Use your band or DJ during the ceremony and reception to avoid having to pay two separate fees.

Invitations and Place Cards
Assemble and print these items yourself. Enjoy a few afternoons with friends while putting these items together while simultaneously saving tons of money.

Stick to the Time Line
Avoid overage fees by staying on time.

Bottom Line-

Write a budget and determine what is most important to you. Satisfy these items first, making cuts on less important details.

This Past Weekend at the Boulder Country Club

This past weekend the Boulder Country Club hosted two weddings. Both couples held weddings that went above and beyond the typical reception leaving guests with good times and lasting memories.

Saturday August 31st, Erik and Julie
Guests were greeted by vintage furniture that complimented the sophisticated vibe Eric and Julie wanted their guests to experience throughout the evening.

Ferrara Wedding 8.31.13 002Ferrara Wedding 8.31.13 001

Light blue sashes and white chair covers along with earthy centerpieces kept decor simple and elegant.
Ferrara Wedding 8.31.13 004<Ferrara Wedding 8.31.13 005

Eric and Julie thrilled guests with a choreographed first dance!

Ferrara Wedding 8.31.13 015Ferrara Wedding 8.31.13 020

Guests rocked out to a 80’s cover band
Ferrara Wedding 8.31.13 035

Thumb print tree for the guest book
Ferrara Wedding 8.31.13 038

Sweet Treats!
Ferrara Wedding 8.31.13 013

Sunday September 1st, Shannon and Brian

Shannon and Brian had their ceremony and reception at the Boulder Country Club. The couple sought to keep a fun and casual vibe throughout the evening.

Hellweg Wedding 9.1.13 006Hellweg Wedding 9.1.13 009Hellweg Wedding 9.1.13 012Hellweg Wedding 9.1.13 013

Shannon and Brian’s ceremony celebrated their relationship by utilizing different photos of themselves and other loved ones as decoration.

Hellweg Wedding 9.1.13 017

Green was used as an accent color throughout the reception as seen in the center pieces (see above photo), cakes, and flowers.

.Hellweg Wedding 9.1.13 016

Champagne and Cider Bar for guests to enjoy throughout the night and for toasts!

Hellweg Wedding 9.1.13 019 Hellweg Wedding 9.1.13 020

Both weddings were absolutely gorgeous. We are thrilled for both couples and wish Eric and Julie, and Brian and Shannon the best of luck in the years to come. CONGRATULATIONS

Beyond the Knot, Tying the Day Together

Bridesmaids and groomsmen are the traditional way of bringing close friends and family members together during the wedding ceremony and reception. When done correctly, the clothing choices worn by both sides tie the colors of the wedding together as well as help further reflect the formality of the occasion. Thus, prior to going shopping for EVERYONE it is important to establish what  the vision of the overall wedding is, noting details like venue, time of year and colors.  
While traditional church, outdoors, and beach wedding are all uniquely beautiful, the formality of each is completely different. For example, a long satin gown and tuxedo make sense in a church while at a casual outdoor ceremony, short dresses and basic suits are a more fitting option. Keep in mind that both men and women need to match in formality and color scheme in order to achieve a cohesive party look.

exquiste weddings 1exquiste weddings 2

In the above photos, the ceremony took place at our outdoor ceremony site here at the Boulder Country Club. Matching the cocktail feel of BCC, short, satin dresses and three-piece suits were worn. The Groomsmen and Bridesmaids utilized the same color of purple to tie the parties together. Furthermore, the same flowers were used to make the bouquets and boutonnieres.

exquiste weddings 3

Working to further the purple theme, the flower girl wore the same color of purple in her dresses sash. Additionally, the same flowers used by the wedding party are seen lining the aisles.

exquiste weddings 5exquiste weddings 7

Carry Colors and Formality from the Ceremony into the Reception
Purple chair sashes and white chair covers continued the elegance experienced during the ceremony by giving the rooms of the Boulder Country Club the same sophisticated feeling. Thus, the clothing choices once again were complimented by this simple touch of color and the space itself. Purple was further incorporated in the programs during the ceremony, place cards, and center pieces.

exquiste weddings 8

Bottom line, choose a theme or color and stick with it. Give direction on what your vision is and communicate with all that are helping to plan. Keep in mind where you are getting married and what would work best with that space. For ideas, look at past pictures from your venue to see what couples before you did, being critical about what you like and don’t like for your own day.

Photos Credit: wedding of Davi and Abigail DiMartinio

Davi and Abigail’s wedding took place at the Boulder Country Club on May 26, 2013

Memorable Ceremonies

Too often the focus of the overall wedding is on the reception over the ceremony itself. Arguably, the ceremony is the most important part of the day and should reflect the couple as much as anything else. Whether it come through with decor, song selections, or who is officiating the wedding, the ceremony can be equally serious and not the typical “cookie cutter”experience. At the Boulder Country Club, we have had the privilege this summer of working with couples that have had a variety of ideas for their ceremonies, transforming this short amount of time into something memorable for all.

Keep guests comfortable at outdoor ceremonies with water, fans, or umbrellas.
pinterest 2

pinterest 3

Arrive in style- an antique car or sports car is a great way to depart from the ceremony or wedding reception.

Using your best friend as the officiant adds a fun and humorous vibe to the ceremony.
Decker Wedding 6.22.13 008

Hanging lanterns in the trees is a great way to add inexpensive flare to a ceremony location.
Clements Wedding 8.4.13 022

Line the aisle with flowers, lanterns, a runner, etc.
Josendal Wedding 6.15.13 001

Incorporate guests with a rose or sand ceremony in which all are invited to participate. Additionally, you will have another physical reminder of your wedding!
pinterest 4

Adding small details to a wedding ceremony provides all with lasting memories and shows off the individuality of a couple. The most simple touches allow for the experience to go above and beyond the average ceremony.

Summer Weddings at the Boulder Country Club

This summer has flown by so quickly as a result of all the beautiful weddings we have had here at the Boulder Country Club. Each wedding has been unique, elegant, and representitive of the couple’s individuality. We feel so lucky to have had such amazing couples and wish all of The Boulder Country Club brides and grooms the best of luck! Here is a recap of some of the weddings we have had so far.

Emily and Patrick’s wedding was filled with pink accents complimenting the couple’s fun personality.
Clark Wedding 6.29.13 001

Clark Wedding 6.29.13 004

Alex and Dan went for neutral colors and opted for an indoor ceremony allowing for a clean, crisp, and elegant ambiance.
Decker Wedding 6.22.13 002

Decker Wedding 6.22.13 004

Decker Wedding 6.22.13 025

Jessica and Page’s ceremony and reception used aspects of Boulder to bring in a cool Colorado vibe.
Wedding Pics Set 5 002

Wedding Pics Set 5 013

Jessica and Trent integrated clean lines and cool colors throughout the ceremony and reception producing a chic feeling.
Josendal Wedding 6.15.13 016

Josendal Wedding 6.15.13 029

Josendal Wedding 6.15.13 022

Josendal Wedding 6.15.13 030

Laura and John showcased their fun personalities with pops of purple and a reggae band.
Wedding Pics Set 3 024

Wedding Pics Set 3 005

Wedding Pics Set 3 039

How to choose the perfect location

Choosing the location for your wedding should be the first, and quietly possibly, biggest decision you will make throughout the engagement process. There are tons of beautiful venues out there, but picking the one that captures the personalities of the bride and groom is crucial to bring out the beauty within the space itself. Reasons behind this include it sets the theme of your future affair, dictates whether or not you will need to hire a separate planner, determines the number of guests, food options, dress choices, as well as influencing a number of other factors. Thus, we suggest choosing a location first.

Using Boulder Country as the example, here are some details that are provided here that attract previous couples as well as add to the overall wedding experience.

Full Service Wedding Planning Assistance
Not having to hire a planner not only cuts down on costs, but it also allows for a professional from the venue to act as a reliable source to turn to. They both know the way the space operates, providing ideas for how to utilize the venue to maximum effectiveness, as well as can provide vendors for the area. These wedding coordinators help with as little or as much as the couple needs and are a great resource if provided. At BCC, on site coordinators work to make your ideas become a reality.

Wedding Pics set 1 007 For example, this couple wanted a S’mores Bar.

Views of the Rocky Mountains
Views act as a free backdrop in which the theme of the wedding can be set around. At Boulder Country Club, whether you are from Colorado or not, views of the Rocky Mountains are absolutely stunning and provide an amazing backdrop for any ceremony or reception. At BCC, both our ceremony lawn and reception areas face West providing breathtaking views. In fact, since both have indoor/outdoor capabilities and in the case of the reception area, heaters outside if need be, views will be experienced throughout the entire affair.

Wedding Pics Set 3 028 View from our 180 degree deck

One Wedding Per a Day
At large venues, most notably hotels, multiple weddings can be booked a day. We want to provide you with the day you always dreamed of so we have a strict policy of one wedding a day to ensure our attention completely on you from the beginning to end of the day.

Inclusive Wedding Packages
Inclusive wedding packages breakdown costs by bundling items together in order to provide an easy decision on which works within your budget. At BCC we offer four different wedding packages in order to work within a variety of budgets and to make sure that you are getting exactly what you want. These packages can be customized however you want so that your unique vision can be created.

Wedding Pics Set 5 013

Catering done in House
Having on-site, reliable catering reduces stress as well as helps save money. Our award winning catering chefs create unique and delicious culinary creations that are sure to impress your guests. Additionally, they customize menus so that dietary restrictions are met.

Bridal Suites
Having a space to get ready in for both the bride and groom is a great way to coordinate hair, make up, and the arrival of the bridal party. At BCC, we offer spaces for storage, areas to get ready in, as well as offer a bridal attendant with all bridal packages.

Wedding Pics Set 5 003

Choosing the right venue that offers ammenities and other details crucial to you is the best way to make your dream wedding a reality. Determine what these might be and match a location to your unique vision.


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