What to Wear to a Wedding

Are you invited to a wedding and unsure of what to wear?  We are here to help you pick out the perfect outfit.


Remember, the most important rule is to not wear something that will distract or draw attention to you instead of the bride. Rule number two: never wear white to a wedding or to pre-wedding events, unless otherwise noted in the invitation.  This is one of the biggest no-no’s and best way to not upset a bride on her wedding day.  Rule three: it is always better to be over dressed for a wedding than under dressed.  If you are unsure of the wedding attire dress code always over dress.  Rule Four: wearing black to a wedding is more and more acceptable, so it is okay to rock that little black dress. The final rule: be respectful of your surroundings.  If the wedding is at a church make sure to bring a light sweater and cover up.  Make sure you are not offending anyone by showing too much leg or cleavage.


If you are attending a summer wedding, dress for hot weather.  Especially if it is an outdoor ceremony or reception.  Make sure to buy a dress with a breathable fabric.  You can always dress up a fun bright sun dress with some cute heels or wedges.  Guys can wear a lighter colored suit with no jacket to stay cool during those hot summer days.


As we all have come to learn the weather in the fall is unpredictable and it can either be extremely hot or freezing cold.  The biggest advice we can give for a fall wedding is to dress in layers.  You can always take off a sweater or jacket if it is too hot out.  Dark and muted tone colors are appropriate to wear and you can always add a pop of color with jewelry.  Tights are another way to stay warm in-case that winter weather comes early in the fall.


Weddings in the winter are a fun excuse to wear that fun festive dress you’ve been dying to wear.  Since it is holiday season it is acceptable to wear that blingy dress that you wore to a holiday party or on New Years Eve.  Make sure the fabric on the dress is thicker to stay warm and to wear tights with closed toed pumps.  Men can always wear a dark colored suit to a winter wedding with a dark colored tie.


Spring weddings are tricky with all the changes in weather, keep in mind when picking out this outfit that the rain can swoop in and get your dress wet and your heels may sink in the grass.  This is a perfect time to wear those pastel colors and wedges over pumps so you don’t sink too quickly into the grass.  Lighter suits are perfect for the guys at a spring wedding, especially light gray and brown.

Rebeka and Karlis – August 1st, 2015

From the moment we met Rebeka and Karlis we knew they were an amazing couple. When they first came to look at the Boulder Country Club, it was through facetime on Rebeka’s mothers IPad since they live in New York.  They choose to book their wedding with us and we got to know them throughout the rest of the planning process. They were such a fun and loving couple to work with.  They did both their ceremony and reception here and each was decorated with blues and purples.

The ceremony was white chairs with purple sashes lining the aisle along with light blue flower petals one either side of the aisle. They then had a cocktail table up front with a bottle of wine in a wooden box.  During the ceremony they each nailed the box shut and will open it on their one year anniversary or first big fight, which ever comes first.  We loved the wine idea! They had purchased this bottle of wine when he had proposed to her and saved it for their wedding date to box it shut.

After the ceremony, they went straight into the reception that was decorated with ivory chair covers and linens, dark purple sashes and blue lanterns with light blue petals scattered in the the center of the table. It was such an elegant look inside the Boulder Country Club.  Once dinner was over, they did their first dance which they had been practicing inside their New York apartment.  It was so much fun to see them come together and do such a fun first dance together.

We were so lucky to have to opportunity to meet this amazing couple and wish them nothing but the best!

Kat and Nick’s Wedding Ceremony and Reception

On June 27th Kat and Nick said their wedding vows here a the Boulder Country Club.  We had the honor of meeting Kat and Nick in July 2014 and that is when the planning began with this amazing couple.  We had the wonderful help of her mother who had a beautiful vision and made it happen.  It was so wonderful to work with this couple and their families to plan such a special event.

Their ceremony was filled with greenery and large silver flower vases filled with coral, purples and pinks.  Each row was beautifully decorated with greenery leading up to the arch made out of trees and decorated with flowers and gold fabric. We loved the sign they made with the processional order on it.  It was so simple and elegant for people to quickly see who was in the wedding. It was such a beautiful ceremony with a stunning bride.

View More: http://dawnsparks.pass.us/kat-and-nick-weddingView More: http://dawnsparks.pass.us/kat-and-nick-weddingView More: http://dawnsparks.pass.us/kat-and-nick-weddingView More: http://dawnsparks.pass.us/kat-and-nick-weddingView More: http://dawnsparks.pass.us/kat-and-nick-wedding

After they said “I do” the celebration inside began.  They decorated with lots of flowers, greenery, silvers and golds.  They had lighting and fabric draped from the walls to the ceiling with greenery weaved into the chandelier creating an elegant look inside the Boulder Country Club.  Each centerpiece matched the ceremony flowers and alternated in height giving the room more depth.  We also loved their place card table with a huge vase with large tree branches inside with matching flowers to the reception and the table filled with candles that brightened up the table.  Everything came together beautifully for the reception.

View More: http://dawnsparks.pass.us/kat-and-nick-wedding

View More: http://dawnsparks.pass.us/kat-and-nick-wedding View More: http://dawnsparks.pass.us/kat-and-nick-wedding View More: http://dawnsparks.pass.us/kat-and-nick-wedding View More: http://dawnsparks.pass.us/kat-and-nick-wedding

We wish Kat and Nick nothing but the best and were so lucky to have had the chance to work with them and all the other amazing vendors: Calluna Events, LMD Productions, The Perfect Petal and Dawn Sparks Photography.  Also, another special thanks to Dawn Sparks Photography for sharing the photos from Kat and Nick’s wedding!

To Spend or Save?

Every person, at some point, has thought about their wedding. As a result, combining two distinct visions makes for what can be one of the most expensive days of one’s life. However, coming up with a plan, budget, and allowing enough time  for planning, will set you up for success and ultimately your dream wedding.

Determining an amount of money that all are comfortable spending is crucial to keeping your day within your means. Write a budget by ranking different items by order of importance. From there, allocate funds to each category. After this has been agreed upon, the fun of fulfilling each item begins.

Areas to spend time searching for and spending money on
One of the few things you will have after a wedding day are the photos from it. Thus, taking time to find the right photographer, that is within your budget, is worth it. Ask friends, family, and even your venue if there are people they recommend. Ask about packages and other discounts the photographer might offer to get the best rate!

Wedding dress and appearance
A bride deserves to look the best she ever has on her wedding day. Finding the right dress that is within one’s budget takes time. Give yourself enough time so that you are choosing the dress of your dreams rather than settling on mediocrity. Keep in mind that sale or used dresses are great options. Additionally, when deciding on a dress, choose one that has few alterations to keep costs down.

Wedding Officiant
It is worth spending extra time finding a person that shares your same beliefs  and that you are comfortable around. The ceremony truly is the most important part of the day, so take time finding the right person that will provide you with lasting memories.

Where to Save
Guest Count
The most expensive aspect to weddings is food and beverage. Figure out who you truly want to attend, and make selections from there. Reducing the number of guests invited works towards lowering overall costs tremendously.

Ceremony and Reception locations
Arranging so that the ceremony and reception are at the same venue promotes keeping to a timeline and also allows for fewer site fees. For example, at the Boulder Country Club, booking a reception means there is no additional ceremony site fee. Furthermore, transportation costs are reduced by not having to arrange rides for guests.

Typically, venues “peak season” is in effect from May through September. During these dates, minimums must be met. Additionally, Saturday’s are the most common day to be married on and are therefore the most expensive. Consider doing your wedding on a Sunday or not during the “peak season” to avoid having to meet such a high minimum.

Package Deals
Wedding packages provide inclusive deals. These allow the bride and groom to save money by having catering, linens, and other details all included into one cost. They also simplify and reduce stress. Here at the Boulder Country Club, we offer four different packages at different price points. These can be customized so that your vision and budget can be met. Additionally, included in each package is the set up and tear down. Look for locations that include these so that your day is stress and hassle free.

Opt out of the traditional wedding cake for either cup cakes or other desserts. Have your baker make a cake for the cake cutting portion of the reception and serve guests a different sweet treat.

Reuse flowers from the ceremony in the reception. Bouquets, arch pieces, and other decor from the ceremony are great options to use as decoration. Additionally, potted plants are typically less expensive and are a take away for guests at the end of the night. If you choose to go for the typical large floral centerpiece, encourage your florists to use greenery, like babies breath or ivy, to take up space and use less flowers.

If your venue is near a college or university, student bands are often as good as professionals and are a lot less expensive. DJ’s are also a great option as they can play such a wide variety of songs. Use your band or DJ during the ceremony and reception to avoid having to pay two separate fees.

Invitations and Place Cards
Assemble and print these items yourself. Enjoy a few afternoons with friends while putting these items together while simultaneously saving tons of money.

Stick to the Time Line
Avoid overage fees by staying on time.

Bottom Line-

Write a budget and determine what is most important to you. Satisfy these items first, making cuts on less important details.

15 Crucial Tips to Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress


  1. Have an idea of what you want before walking into the bridal store
  2. Begin the process of looking for a dress at least 8 months early
  3. If you want to have a custom dress make sure there is 6-8 months for them to make the dress
  4. Be clear about your budget as soon as you walk into the bridal store
  5. Have people with you to give you opinions on each dress
  6. Know terminology such as different dress colors (ivory, white, etc.)
  7. Bring heels and a strapless bra with you to try on dresses
  8. Do your hair but do not wear any makeup while trying on dresses
  9. It is a long process so bring snacks with you
  10. Consider your venue and what style would fit it best
  11. Know the return policy before you buy anything
  12. Consider what style of clothes look best on you and flatter your figure
  13. Don’t be afraid to try on a different style of dress
  14. Make sure to look at the small accessories that go with the dress
  15. If you don’t absolutely love it, don’t buy it and keep trying on other styles and dresses

Alternative Wedding Desserts

While traditionally you see tiered wedding cakes, in the past couple of years people have been very creative with their wedding desserts.  Your wedding dessert can be an expression of who you are as a couple, so have some fun with it.  After all it is your wedding day and you want it to be unique to you and your fiance!

Here are some of our favorite unique and non-traditional wedding desserts:

1. Cupcakes – Using cupcakes and be a fun easy way for people to enjoy their dessert.  Having a cupcake station your guest can pick and choose the kind of cake they want.

Or you could totally have one kind of cupcake in different wrappers, and then put cute messages on the chalkboards..

2. Waffle Cake or Doughnut Cake – If your doing a morning ceremony, consider doing a wedding waffle cake.  It is a fun and clever way to celebrate in the morning with the most important meal of the day.

12 Cool Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Cake - Oddee.com (wedding cake, alternatives)Skip the classic cake and add donuts to your wedding reception.

3. S’more Bar – Have your guest be more interactive with their dessert and do a s’more bar! Kids love this dessert and it is also a great way to save money on a dessert option!

Boulder Colorado Wedding Photographer – Mr & Mrs Puls

4. Sundae Bar – This is another great dessert idea that all kids and adults love! Sundae bars allow your guest to pick and choose their dessert and flavors of choice.

View More: http://tarynbrooke.pass.us/amy--shane-wedding

Whatever dessert you choose your guest will love, so have fun with it and make your wedding about you as a couple!

A Beautiful Celebration at the Boulder Country Club

Gonzalez Wedding Ceremony and Reception 5.16.15 007On May 16th, 2015 we had the honor of hearing Ingrid and José Hernández say “I Do” at the Boulder Country Club.  They are such a beautiful couple and put together an unforgettable celebration.

Before the rain came in we had the ceremony set up outside which made for a beautiful photo.

Bella Calla came in a put together the arch and placement of the flowers.  They added a extra touch of beautiful by making a pattern with the petals.  There was also a candle ceremony table placed up front for the couple to light a candle together.  They used a fish bowl vase with a white floating candle on top of a white tablecloth.

Gonzalez Wedding Ceremony and Reception 5.16.15 009Unfortunately, the rain came in and the couple made the call to move the ceremony inside.  With all the help of the Boulder Country Club staff and Bella Calla’s Staff we were able to get the arch into the building and set up another ceremony with all the same special touches including the candle ceremony and rose petals down the aisle. It came together beautifully for this wonderful couple.

After they both said “I Do” the celebration began with a cocktail hour with a hosted bar package and hors d’oeuvres for their guests.  They brought in a traditional Venezuelan appetizer that we tray passed for them.  It added an extra touch of home for the couple and their families.

For their centerpieces Bella Calla brought in pink, purple and orange flowers in gold vases varying in height which added depth to the room.  After the cocktail hour they enjoyed a plated dinner at these lovely tables which were then followed by an adorable surprise toast from the grooms daughter, which later she sang a song for her dad and her stepmom.  Gonzalez Wedding Ceremony and Reception 5.16.15 002Gonzalez Wedding Ceremony and Reception 5.16.15 003

After dinner this couple and their guests danced the night away with both a DJ and a band that came in.  They put on an amazing reception to celebrate them coming together.

It was such a pleasure to get to know this couple throughout the planning process and wish them nothing but the best!