Engagement Photo Tips

Now that your engaged it is time to start the planning process and first and foremost sending out save the dates after you have a set date.  Here are so Do’s and Don’ts for your engagement photos:

  • Pick out different outfits that look like something you would actually wear on a special occasion and a casual day, you want to look back at your photos and have them remind you of who you are as a couple.  Photography: Robert And Kathleen Photographers - robertandkathleen.com  Read More: http://www.stylemepretty.com/2014/03/10/iconic-new-york-city-engagement-session/20 Romantic Fall Engagement Photo Ideas
  • Coordinate your outfits, but don’t match perfectly together.Rustic Engagement Photo Inspiration in the Countryside ... I am SO doing this!
  • Pick a classic look that won’t go out of style.Forehead kiss, so sweet! Summer engagement photo shoot at Longfellow Gardens. Photo by Eileen K. Photography
  • If you have a pet together, take a photo with them.  It makes for a fun and memorable picture. 21 Oh So Adorable Engagement Photos with Dogs ~ we ♥ this! moncheribridals.com
  • Make sure your makeup and hair looks natural and not too different from what you would do on any other day.
  • Take your photos somewhere that is special to the two of you or represents you as a couple.
  • Don’t go with the cheapest photographer, you will have these photos forever so make sure you will always enjoy them

It’s Good Luck When it Rains on Your Wedding Day!

This View More: http://tarynbrooke.pass.us/amy--shane-weddingpast weekend we had to honor of hosting Amy and Shane’s wedding reception here at the Boulder Country Club.  They are such an amazing and sweet couple and put together a stunning wedding even with all these May showers we have been getting.

They made the best of the rainy situation and they were able to capture some amazing photographs!  We loved how the photographer, Taryn Brooke used the umbrella to remember their wedding day the way it was with rain and all.

…And as they always say it is good luck on your wedding day if it rains.

We all here at the Boulder Country Club wish both Amy and Shane the best of luck!

Wedding Tips

Planning a wedding can be stressful, here are some tips to help you through the process:

  1. Have a strong estimate on how many guest you are going to invite to your wedding before you book your venue.  You always want to choose a venue that can fit everyone you invite, don’t assume some people won’t be able to make it.  This will save you a lot of stress if those people do make it to your special day.
  2. Choose a date that fits your schedule.  Make sure you won’t have a lot of work to come into right after your wedding, this could cause you to not enjoy your big day as much with the stress of work on your mind.
  3. Know your budget when looking at venues.  When you go into a venue with an amount you are wanting to spend, they can tell you if it is feasible before you waste your time looking at a venue that you cannot afford.
  4. Before choosing a bar package, know your crowd.  If they are heavy drinkers, then a hosted bar may be best.  If each guest may only have a drink or two, then hosting your bar on consumption may be more cost effective.
  5. Make a timeline of things you need to get done before the big day.  This will help you stay on track and avoid forgetting something important.
  6. Always have extra money saved up in case something unexpected occurs.  This will save you the stress of dropping more money than you originally planned for.
  7. Don’t go dress shopping on your own, all the dresses will start to look the same after you have tried on different ones.  Having extra people there will help you make your decision and remind you of one you might of forgotten about.
  8. Read reviews on all of your vendors, you don’t want to be stuck the day of with a vendor who doesn’t follow through or do a good job.  Your spending a lot of money to have their services, make sure you are getting what you paid for.
  9. Be reasonable with your timeline, don’t try to squeeze too much into too little amount of time.  You want to enjoy your day so plan accordingly.  Leave extra time between hair, makeup and photos.  This will give you time to sit down and just breathe and if things are running behind you won’t feel stressed.
  10. Enjoy your special day! Just breathe and don’t stress, all your hard work and planning will pay off.


Weddings are notoriously known for costing you a lot of money.  And while planning a wedding will take time and money, there are many different ways that you can still afford your dream wedding on a budget.  Below are just a list of ways to save some cash and still have a day to remember!

  • How important is it for you to have your ceremony and reception at night?  Not very?  Then a good option may be to have your wedding during the day.  You will  find that having a day time reception will cost you much less than a night-time event.  Also an advantage?  People tend to consume less liquor during a day time reception so if you have a hosted bar, you will definitely save money there!
  • Buying flowers for your bouquet, centerpieces and other decor can be very costly.  Think about looking for flowers that will be in season when your wedding date rolls around.
  • Speaking of flowers, think about using your ceremony flowers for your reception.  Given that you have someone who can help you with this, have them take the flowers from the ceremony to the reception site.  You can use these flowers on the cake or gift table or even in the centerpieces provided you have the time to place them all before the guests arrive.
  • Centerpieces don’t necessarily have to be flowers.  Think of your theme.  If you are having a summer inspired wedding, maybe cut up some fresh fruit and put it in tall glass vases with water.  If you are having a wedding in the fall, use pumpkins or pine cones.  There are so many ways to make unique centerpieces at half the cost of using flowers.
  • Think about combining place cards and favors for the guests.  Whether you assign seating at the table before hand or have the place cards on a table when they enter, you can mix the two together and save on stationary costs.  Write guests name & table number on some stationary and attach it to a box bag that has the guests favor in it.
  • Make the favors for your guest.  Again, think about your theme and tie your favors into that.  For a spring or summer wedding, a cute idea is to have your names and wedding date on a bag of flower seeds that your guest can take home and plant.  There are plenty of DIY favor ideas under our DIY section above.
  • Celebrate the season!  Summer weddings are typically the most costly.  Have a wedding in the winter time, but try to not book it around the holidays.  The rates are higher during peak seasons for venues.
  • Having a DJ for a wedding is much less expensive than hiring a band.  Even cheaper than that, using the venues sound system and hooking up your own musical device.  This one really all depends on preference and how you want your reception music to run.
  • Book your wedding at an ‘all-inclusive’ venue!  At the Boulder Country Club, we have on-site ceremony space AND a full-service wedding coordinator.  Booking your wedding at an all-inclusive venue saves so much time and money!

How to Avoid Becoming “Bridezilla”

There is no denying that planning a wedding is stressful. However, no amount of stress should add up to becoming the dreaded “bridezilla” figure. After planning wedding after wedding, there are certain tips we like to share with our Boulder Country Club brides, and now you, on how to reduce your stress level and not fall victim to wedding planning pressures.

First, avoid solely talking about your wedding with friends. Keep in mind that your wedding isn’t the only thing happening in the world. If the subject comes up, stick to one or two sentences rather than babbling on for 20 minutes. Your friends will appreciate that you still have an interest in their lives, resulting in friendship post wedding.

Secondly, so often we see brides that get so caught up in the planning details that they forget the reason they are even going through with all this, their fiancée. This sets a bad precedent for marriage. While your wedding is one (very important) day, your fiancée is forever. You must make time everyday for one another, no matter how busy you might be. Trust us, just five minutes of your time after a stress filled day will not be unappreciated.

Third, avoid becoming a diva. While your maid of honor and other bridesmaids are honored to have their roles, don’t make them regret having accepted that position. There’s a fine line between handing out reasonable tasks and asking your friends to do things that make them resent you. We suggest making a list of everything that needs to be done and dividing up tasks based on each person’s strengths. Additionally, make sure to still leave time for non wedding related activities!

Fourth, make a budget and stick to it! It is a salesperson’s job to try and convince you to go with the pricier option. However, make choices that are within your budget and don’t feel shy about using the word “no”. Remember, everything adds up quickly due to large number of items that are needed to put on a wedding.

Fifth, take care of yourself. While crash dieting and working out might be effective, it will alter your personality for the worse. If you plan on loosing weight before the big day, do it over a long period of time, maybe even consulting a nutritionist and trainer along the way. Depriving yourself of calories makes you grouchy, ultimately leading to you snapping about something or at someone for a silly reason.

Sixth, appreciate those around you. Over the engagement period you will likely receive ample advice. Rather than brushing it off, take time to listen to everyone. Your family and friends are likely nothing but excited for you and therefore are doing what they can to help. Thus, never forget that what occurs is done out of love, not people trying to annoy you.

Seventh, on the big day and even just in general, expect the unexpected. Prior to the day of the wedding, go over every detail, making sure you are in touch with all of your vendors. At this point, you have done what you can and the rest will fall into place as it should. You have to adopt the mentality of not stressing the small stuff. On your wedding day, everything is out of your control so rather than obsessing on one thing that went wrong, focus on everything else. This day is all about you and your husband and nothing will change that.

Lastly, don’t compete with other weddings or brides. There’s no sense in breaking your budget just because you want yours to be the best.

While the period of being engaged can be stressful, you have to remember to take time out for yourself. Your whole life shouldn’t change just because you have a wedding to plan. Give yourself ample time to plan and never forget that you put yourself in this situation. You wanted to be here because you want to spend the rest of your life with your soon to be husband.

Pretty In Pink

On October 12th, Brian and Noelle Larson were officially married. We had a special connection to the couple because Noelle is an employee of the Boulder Country Club as well as Brian’s Father is our General Manager. Thus, the pressure for perfection was especially high.

Noelle and Brian wanted to create an elegant pink, white, and silver ambiance. We worked to avoid what one might find at a Sweet Sixteen rather pursuing the romantic nature that defines a wedding. Quite successfully, I believe, all that attended were wowed by how well the couple were able to pull this typically tricky color off.

Hiler Wedding 10.12.13 003Hiler Wedding 10.12.13 001

The light pink and white gave the dining room a polished feel. Furthermore, the centerpieces and other accents around the room helped to enhance the colors chosen. By incorporating neutral colors like silver and white, the pink touches were complimented rather than appearing overwhelming.

Hiler Wedding 10.12.13 007

Mixing a darker and lighter pink in two rooms provided natural separation between the spaces as well kept the color scheme consistent.

 Hiler Wedding 10.12.13 009

Hiler Wedding 10.12.13 022

Brian and Noelle treated guests to cupcakes and mini key lime pies!

Hiler Wedding 10.12.13 027Hiler Wedding 10.12.13 030

The couple and their guests danced the night away…. Even Noelle’s dress incorporated the same light pink used in the rest of the wedding!

As one of the last weddings of the year, we were happy to see members of the Boulder Country Club family married. Congratulations Brian and Noelle, we are so proud and happy for you two!

Fall Weddings at Boulder Country Club

Boulder Country Club has continued to be hard at work as the fall wedding season has begun.  Over the past few weeks we have had a number of couples tie the knot. Below is a recap of two of our most recent weddings.

Brooke and Johan
This vibrant couple themed their wedding off of Johan’s South African heritage. The flowers, colors, decore, and even Brooke’s dress were all native to South Africa.

The ostrich egg complete with the South African national flower, the King Protea, acted as the centerpiece. The theme of the wedding was further showcased by naming each table after an animal found in the country. Through the flower choice, amarula gift at each guest’s seat, and animal print touches throughout the room, Brooke and Johan captured a South African vibe.
Berlin Wedding 9.21.13 001Berlin Wedding 9.21.13 002

Brooke and Johan served a traditional South African champagne beverage as guests arrived.
Berlin Wedding 9.21.13 007

The intimate ceremony took place outside and included South African touches.
Berlin Wedding 9.21.13 012Berlin Wedding 9.21.13 010

The dessert table offered traditional South African candies and an amarula flavored cake.

Berlin Wedding 9.21.13 005

Over the past few weeks, the state of Colorado has began rebuilding after the devastating effects from the flooding in September.  Fortunately, the Boulder Country Club was lucky enough to not suffer a substantial amount of hardship. As a result, we have been able to continue hosting weddings as well as take in clients that had to relocate due to the flooding of their original venue.

Nicola and John rescheduled their wedding to the Boulder Country Club days before it was to take place.
Cooper Wedding 9.22.13 007

Cooper Wedding 9.22.13 009

Cooper Wedding 9.22.13 004

Cooper Wedding 9.22.13 015

Cooper Wedding 9.22.13 017